The Hannah Gray Home offers 24-hour supervised care and supportive services for 20 poor elderly residents. It provides these services at a cost (to be paid by the State as specified by Certificate of Need) much lower than that of an average nursing home.

The Home fills a need in the community:

Historically, a network of established contacts provided referrals to the Home. This network included the Hospital of St. Raphael, other local hospitals, local churches, and various African-American women's groups. It is anticipated that this network will be re-established to support the future operations of the Home.

Without the Hannah Gray Home, many of the prospective residents would be forced to seek nursing home placement outside of the neighborhood, at a higher cost to the State and with a higher social and emotional cost to the residents and their families. The Home will be managed by a professional team with experience at similar facilities:

Home management is overseen by the Board of Directors of Hannah Gray Home, Incorporated, which includes community leaders and individuals with direct experience in the fields of health and senior care. The Hannah Gray Home Trust, under the supervision of the New Haven Probate Court, will ensure that Hannah Gray Home, Incorporated, fulfills its charitable mission.

The following is a general description of services that RCHs provide:  

Residential care homes are facilities that provide a room, meals and supervision, but no nursing services, for individuals whose limitations prevent them from living alone. Services vary from facility to facility but may include dietary and housekeeping services, monitoring of prescription medication, social and recreational opportunities, and assistance with activities of daily living.  

To be more specific to Hannah Gray, we provide the following services to those 55 and older:
- Private & Semi-private rooms
- 24 hour supervision
- Monitoring of prescription medications
- 3 meals per day and snacks
- Housekeeping service
- Laundry service
- Social & recreational opportunities
- Assistance with activities of daily living
- Common area cable and phone service

The following is the current admission criteria under which Hannah Gray will provide these services:
- Residents will be aged 55 or older
- Residents will NOT need the nursing services provided in a nursing home 
- Residents will exercise a level of mobility sufficient to exit the facility unaided in the case of an emergency.

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